•  Psychological services-Counselling for Addictions, Anxiety, Depression, Relationship conflict, Behavioural problems in children etc . • Health coaching and group therapy for psychosomatic & chronic health problems like diabetes, hypertension, cancer etc . •  Workshops/seminars for individuals and organisations in the following areas – Self-development, Emotional intelligence , Leadership, Personality-based & Behavioural Coaching

About Us

The Institute of Behavioural Sciences ( IBS ) is based on Dr. Satya Prakash Choudhary's vision of an integrated, multi-disciplinary, evidence-based approach to psychotherapy, coaching, leadership, management and behavioral change.

The multi-disciplinary field of behavioural sciences integrates many disciplines such as psychology, cognitive organization theory, psychobiology, management science, operations research, social neuroscience, anthropology, organizational behaviour, organization studies, sociology and social networks.

Leadership and management too is a multidisciplinary field wherein some disciplines are science-based and others are not. In the recent years there has been a growing awareness of the possible benefits of blending the art of management with the science of results. Often “research” in the leadership and management fields is largely anecdotal and descriptive and hence not amenable to generalizations. In order to achieve sustainable, measurable results, leadership, management and coaching models must be designed and based upon robust psychological, definitive proven modelling and management principles together with the specific needs of real-world organizational clients.

Change processes have been studied, practiced and researched extensively within the domain of behavioural sciences, where the emphasis has been on evidence-based practice. I n order to achieve real behavioural change, leadership and management have to utilize scientific models which require professional training, guidelines and care in their use. Leaders, Managers and Coaches require an understanding of interpersonal relationships, group dynamics, systems theory, organizational behaviour as well as ethical standards to work within their realm of expertise and to honor the trust placed in them by both the organization and the individual. Our evidence-based behavioural sciences approach distinguishes professional practice grounded in evidence-based behavioural sciences versus the simplistic, unproven approach popularized by many providers.

Ideally “research-based practice” and “practice-based research” can be the two faces of such an integrated approach. Based on this vision the four pillars of activity at the IBS include teaching, training, research and consulting . The focus of IBS is to explore and to encourage the use of a multi-disciplinary approach to further understand and more effectively resolve human problems from the individual and family to all other levels of social organization. O ur integrated approach draws from diverse disciplines such as organizational and developmental psychology, counselling and clinical psychology, systems theory and practice, consulting, adult learning, philosophy, the leadership and management fields.

Objectives of the Institute of Behavioural Sciences:

  •  Create a platform for an integrated, multi-disciplinary, evidence-based approach to leadership, management and behavioural change

•  Lead a tradition of innovation and openness towards new paradigms of change

•  Conduct and encourage scientific research based on new ways of looking at how people behave

•  Benefit the community through training, clinical and consultative services

•  Transform the art of management into an evidence-based science of results

•  Create a platform for successful organizational change and learning initiatives

•  Provide an integrative model for transformative leadership.

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