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Agni-Soma Series

Simple as it sounds the conceptual model of ‘Agni-Soma' provides a very effective framework for understanding and managing human behavior. The Vedic concept of 'Agni-Soma' forms the most basic foundation for all Vedic knowledge, be it Yoga or Ayurveda or Swara or Tantra. There is nothing more practical than a good theoretical concept. After more than a decade of multidisciplinary studies and research this author believes that the ‘Agni-Soma' model can be fleshed out from its scattered rudiments into a practical working model that can be applied across many fields, ranging from psychology to healing and spirituality to management. While Western science has tended to reduce complex phenomena into smaller units and go cellular, the ancient Indian approach looked for fundamental systemic principles that are possibly more organizational.

‘Agni-Soma': the yogic model of human behavior for managing self and others

A working model of Agni-Soma' construct for application in the fields of psychology, leadership and management

Synopsis of the seven levels of 'Agni-Soma' functioning

'Agni-Soma' functioning seven levels- part 1

Agni-Soma' and the spiritual practices of Yoga: a brief overview

Summary of the techniques used for behavioural change within the framework of ‘ Agni-Soma' model

Agni-Soma & Modern Behavioural Sciences

The next two articles will explore the significance of ‘Agni-Soma' as intra-psychic and systemic forces, this time through different lenses-that of evolutionary neurosciences, Attachment theory and Family systems. There is a theory in modern psychotherapy that posits a very similar concept as the ‘Agni-Soma' model- Bowen theory. Bowen Family Systems theory (BFST) is the only modern western theory that can rub shoulders with the ancient ‘Agni-Soma' model in some ways. Though other constructs such as emotional intelligence and social intelligence share parts of the Agni-Soma approach, only BFST comes remarkably close to the Vedic/Yogic ‘Agni-Soma' model in the initial conceptualization. Thereafter they differ in their method.

Emotions and Anxiety, Family Systems and the Triune brain: A natural systems theory of human behaviour

Emotions, Secure Base and Emotional Competence: A framework for understanding the role of emotions in human behavior-part 1

Other Articles (Psychology, Leadership & Management, Spirituality, Jungian)

Crisis management, Emotional reactivity and Leadership

Anger Management- some useful quotes and reflections used in individual and group therapy at the MindCare Clinic

Is it possible to concentrate on ‘Being' rather than ‘Having'?

‘Brahma Vihara Bhavana'- A healing meditation

Mahakala- the Great God of Time

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