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Some testimonials from previous workshop participants


Your compassionate approach made it easier than I thought. Your wisdom and words anchored me…Thank you for helping me to reclaim my dignity and confidence.

The workshop has been extremely good. I have been searching for something like this since a long time. Finally I found something that I can put to practice.


Thank you so much for the incredibly simple yet powerful wisdom. I realize how I am ultimately responsible for myself. What I do with what I have is up to me!


The morning session of Agni-Soma, non-reactivity etc was outstanding. Clear and systematic, passionate and stimulating….


This workshop has made it clear that it is easy to do what is necessary to be happier and a better person in the society. The mix of theory and practice was excellent. The exercise of reflecting on death was very helpful for clarity about what is important.


I found the insights into Patanjali Yoga sutras extremely rewarding. No one has unraveled the sutras as beautifully as you did. You have demonstrated the importance of the practice of Brahma viharas and emotional competence for everyday living so powerfully.


This workshop gave me insight into WHY we need to remain calm and non-reactive, also about the role of emotions. I have heard this is important for a long time but this workshop put some perspective to it.


This workshop touched a rare aspect of emotional intelligence, one that none of the western experts seem to explore well….The ‘Brahma viharas' are a simple and efficient way to deal with others…. the result is less “fence mending” or “putting out of bush fires”. Emotional intelligence at its best!



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